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    Kristina Finlayson

    Hi there, Molly! 

    Kris here from the SkySlope UX Team. I am glad you like the new search and thanks for the suggestion! 

    I have a few follow-up questions to ensure I understand your request:

    • There are additional criteria, like close date, that would ensure you navigate to right file on the first try. Can you describe to me what you are trying to accomplish (or looking for) while searching in the scenario you mentioned above? Is this a rental property that keeps turning over every year and you need to know which archived file is the most recent?
    • And if so, what are you doing after navigating to that archived file?
    • Do you think this would also be helpful for other scenarios, like active transactions? 

    Thanks a bunch and I look forward to hearing back from you,


    UX Lead


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