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Adding Property ID to "order NHD" tab



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    Prod Squad

    Hi Christy, 

    Thanks so much for your helpful questions and feedback!  When we first launched the NHD feature, our intention was to get as many providers signed on as possible, as our goal is to create a more convenient and efficient ordering process for you. Most providers have signed on permanently and others, like PropertyID, have elected not to participate.  

    If you were satisfied with ordering an NHD with them through SkySlope, please reach out to them and voice your concern. Let them know you're interested in getting them back on the SkySlope platform, in hopes we'll be able to work with them in the near future. 

    We have a number of new and exciting enhancements on the way, so stay tuned! 




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    We have found that when ordering through SkySlope we are not able to get our company specific pricing, as we suspect the vendors are compensating SkySlope for being on the list.

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    Prod Squad

    Hey Joe, Thanks for providing feedback! Would you mind letting us know which provider you use, and how your company specific pricing works (eg. promo code)? Feel free to reach out directly to me if easier.

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