• Kristine Weidner
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    And also to be able to check/select items to be forwarded/emailed and include the header info of email in the logged item showing to, frlm ,date of original email etc.

  • Kristine Weidner
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    No all email address and the date/time stamp show up in the log when you click into the email itself.   Important information to have and the only area it displays is in the log itself.   And there some of the info does not display (i.e. all recipients)

  • Kristine Weidner
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    The header for emails in the log does not include the full email header.  It doesn't show all recipients and the original date/time of the email.   Samples of what is showing:

    There is no date displaying at all.  If i print this from the log, it is not complete. 


    TO skyslopefileaddress@skyslope.com    (NOTE:  This was actually the BCC;  the actual TO doesn't show up in the log index or the email in the log.)
    SUBJECT RE:  Eval Report

    Good morning!

    We’ll keep in touch on the survey progress.

    Thank you,


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