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    Hi Kevin,

    Buck, VP of Product here at SkySlope. Thanks for taking the time to submit a suggestion!

    Can you expand more on this? We have fields for additional commission breakdown details, commission split and commission breakdown. Is there a specific field in LoneWolf you are asking for this information to be mapped that doesn't exist today?


  • Kevin Comerford
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    Hi Buck,

    Yes, that's correct. For Transactions/contracts there is the option to list the commission splits and breakdown. However for active listings, there is only a place to list the commisison % and list any co-list agents, but there is nowhere to denote how much of the listings expenses each agent is responsible for (similar to the commission split option for contracts). 

    In Lonewolf, the lack of expense % mapping option causes the expense % for active listings to reset to zero during each integration, making billing quite cumbersome.  

  • Prod Squad
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    Got it. Thanks for the explanation Kevin. It sounds like if the push to LoneWolf happened at time of converting the listing to a transaction (i.e. contract acceptance) vs. listing creation then the reset wouldn't happen and potentially resolve this issue? Is there a need to have the listing commission info in LoneWolf prior to converting to a sale/transaction?


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