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    ProdSquad (SkySlope Support)

    Hi Sean, 

    This is Yousef from the product team at SkySlope. 

    This is interesting; we are in the process of researching our users reporting needs. Two questions for your:

    1. Would you be interested in talking to us about your needs? This one and any other reporting needs you might have? 

    2. Could you tell me a little bit more about why do you need this kind of report? Would it help decide which channels to focus on to get more leads? Are you looking for an aggregate view for multiple/all agents? Or per agent? What decisions do you think you can make based on this data? How would you envision the report looks like: grouped by channel? Do you need to drill down to see the status of the leads for a particular channel? 

    I’m eager to hear more about your needs.


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