(In)complete Task List by Sub Category and File Status Logic


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    Thanks for your feedback. That really helped us understand what about incomplete checklists wasn't working for you. When we look into improving incomplete checklists and file status we will take your words into consideration. 

    Around your pre-offer feedback, that sounds pretty similar to another request we heard here. We use upvotes and engagement to influence what to work on next, so please vote on this and any other feature requests that resonate with you so that we have hard numbers that this is a pain for people using SkySlope.

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    Hey Charlotte,

    John from the UX Team here. This sounds like some really interesting feedback and I would like to dig into it a bit more with you. So there were a few things that I heard this, and I just want to make sure we get the best understanding of what you are looking for.

    Around your incomplete checklist comment.

    1. When you go into the Incomplete Checklist section what are you looking to do with those incomplete files?
    2. How does your brokerage currently sub-categorize files that have still need closing docs? 

    Around the additional file statuses

    1. The files statuses we aimed to reflect the property's status in the market (this listing is "Active" in the market, or this sale is "Pending" closing, etc). It sounds like your brokerage is looking to use status to reflect the property file's review (the broker has reviewed and Approved this file, or new docs have been added and so this file is Pending broker review). Is that correct?
    2. We have a section called Documents to Review on the home page that collects all the property files that documents needing review. Has your brokerage explored that section at all? If so, what about it doesn't work for your process? 
    3. How does your brokerage currently know or discover when you need to go into a file to review it?
  • Charlotte Trux
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    Thanks John.

    The incomplete checklist only shows the number of items on the checklist per file/property address. I'll refer to that as 'project' so there is no confusion about document files that are uploaded and 'the file'.

    So we have to open that particular project to check what is incomplete. Because all pending projects are incomplete until closing it just doesn't provide useful information. We know that if 2 items are missing (because they have the required checklist item status) it is most likely the required closing docs, so we consider those Properties/Projects don’t need anything until the closing disclosure and check are available to upload after closing.

    The Incomplete Items section doesn't specify whether Sales Documentation or Closing Documents are incomplete and those projects will show pending until after closing.  

    The different checklist statuses may be optional by how the brokerage has set this up. We have 'If Applicable', 'Required', 'In Review', 'Completed'.

    So even when a file is uploaded the checklist item changes to 'In Review' and when there is a comment added (because f.i. an initial is missing) the status stays 'In Review'. So we don't know if the broker actually reviewed the checklist or added a comment.

    So ideally we would like to see an additional checklist item status that shows that there is a comment added.

    Then the Incomplete Checklist from the main screen should show a list of all the actual items that are not completed and should look like this:

    Address: File/Project Status : Subcategory: Checklist Item : Checklist Item Status

    This should include ALL CHECKLIST ITEMS that are NOT EQUAL to 'If Applicable' and 'Completed'. That way we can actually see in one overview what is going on. 


    Our brokerage sub-categorizes: 'Listing Documents', 'Sales Documentation' and 'Closing Documents'. However the project status ​doesn't change. As soon as a listing is created it goes to ACTIVE and as soon as a transaction is created it goes PENDING.

    Then my comments about File/Project Status are in the earlier post.

    ​The only way to 'discover' whether to go into a project is to keep a separate checklist in another project management system or spreadsheet.

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    Hey Charlotte, thanks for the response.

    I'm going to repeat what I heard to make sure I'm understanding correctly.

    The Incomplete Checklist view is not useful because it does not tell you if you have 2 incomplete Sales Documents vs 2 incomplete Closing Documents (which you wouldn't have until closing time). You would like a way to see how many items of each document type are incomplete. And to make the Incomplete Checklist page even more useful, you would like to see which checklist items are incomplete so you know which ones to work on.

    For the file/project status you would like it as some way for you to know if your brokerage has reviewed the project or not as a way to inform you about which project to go into. Right now it sounds like the only way you know which project you need to work on next is by using some system outside of SkySlope.

    Does that all sound correct?

  • Charlotte Trux
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    Yes -

    And you are correct that the 'how many items' is not as useful as having: address, subcategory/document type, checklist item name, status all in one overview when clicking on the incomplete items icon.

    The file/project status should allow for more status options. Right now I was just referring to transactions. But ideally we would have pre-listing and private listing as well. Then right now there is no option to start a file for pre-offers and offers submitted. These are not yet transactions and we don't want to trigger broker review until we actually have a contract. We can use digisign, but it is all floating in the system in a disorganized manner. 

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