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    Prod Squad

    Hi Remaxselectservices,

    Chris here with the SkySlope Product Team.  Thanks for your have a couple things going on here.  

    First, we are currently working on improving the performance of the Manage Listings & Transactions pages, so the clicking by page will be much quicker.  Additionally, we're changing the behavior so that if you click into a file on page 16, and go back, you'll stay on page 16, an not go back to page 1.  Expect to hear more about this in the next couple weeks!

    We also have some enhancements coming to Quick Audit in the next 2 months, so there's more to come there, but I appreciate your feedback about expanding it to the Listing side.  

    Finally, are you looking at single files, or would you like to see that in bulk?  You can currently see archived files in Incomplete Checklists and can filter on Close of Escrow date to see any closed / archived files that still have items open.  


    -Chris, Senior Product Manager


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