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    Hi all,

    Kris here from SkySlope’s UX Team.

    Good news! We just released the ability to Unreject from within the listing and transaction checklist tab. You can now put a rejected item back into review with one click.



  • Prod Squad
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    Buck, VP of Product here at SkySlope. Thank you for taking the time to submit a suggestion!

    This is a great suggestion. We will monitor this one for "yes/up-votes"!

  • Liz Burrows
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    Hi Buck,


    I don't think anyone goes to this area or votes on it we are all too busy. I think if we send a suggestion via chat in support we shouldn't have to go through this long winded process to get itr considered. I am finding SS is getting a bit more manageable but you should have your chat staff pass along suggestions not have it go to a vote. As you can see in 5 months 5 people have voted. Not a good response.

    I would like to see all the main screen icons along the top at all times for easy moving back and forth.

  • Maria Alford
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    I second Liz Burrow's suggestion and comment regarding this voting process. It is cumbersome to us admins to have to remove attached documents in a folder just so we can un-reject a folder, especially if the agent or assistant doesn't label those docs appropriately and we have to find it in a long list of unattached docs with no specific labels. There should be either an un-reject option or approve option after the incomplete is satisfied when the agent/assistant re-uploads the requested document in that folder. 

  • Rebecca Bonavich
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    I had no idea this suggestion forum even existed...and how to "vote" isn't even clear because it looks like you can vote up each comment in a category that's all related to 1 issue, thereby diluting your votes....This is a very simple, very necessary change. More than 50% of the time, there turns out to be an explanation for why something didn't need to be rejected. Oftentimes it's connected to something posted in a checklist item further down the list. This is a no-brainer, time-saver that would be really appreciated by all of us auditors!!

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