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    Yes! I agree. I just got off from a Chat about most of this. 

    I HATE the underscores. It literally makes it hard for me to use the documents section. It's vital for me to use ( ) in my document names and that tab doesn't like it. For instance, I type (need b) AD, when I need a buyer side signature for document called AD.  But the documents tab won't let me type parentheses. When I get a fully executed document, then I remove the ( ) and add a decimal point, such as .AD

    Alphabetizing documents or sorting them is very important! In Dropbox when I alphabetize, all the ( ) items come to the top and I can see what still needs signatures. 

    I think a search would be great too. 

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    Prod Squad

    Hi Michelle,
    This is Yousef, from the product team at SkySlope.

    First, thank you for taking time sharing with us your feature requests.
    I also agree with you that we want SkySlope to be as simple and powerful as possible for our users, including agents.

    Some of your suggestions are small, but due to the significant number of suggestions we get, we have to prioritize based on what is more painful to our users and customers, what creates the most value, and how many users will be affected by the change.

    1. Remove the underscores when titling a document: I understand the concern, here is a question to help me understand how bad this is: on a scale 0-10, how would you rate the pain of seeing the dashes in the title? 0 Meaning agents don't mind it at all, and 10 meaning: agents are frustrated.

    2. We ask you to add a search option for Working Documents: This makes sense if a customer is using the Working Documents as a centralized location for many documents. I need to understand your use case a little bit more. Could you please answer the following question: How often do agents use this section? This is a question to both of us, I'll check from my end, but it would be helpful to also understand it from yours too. Is this a daily thing they do? Weekly?

    3. And finally, we wish that each section we create would automatically alphabetize instead of the newest on top: Make sense, how would you rate this pain point? 1-10 again, where 0 means no pain at all, and 10 means so painful to the point where the agent is confused and frustrated. Also, would adding a search (previous feature request) resolve this issue? Or do you still think it is valuable even if we add the search feature?




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