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    Yeah that all makes a lot of sense. Thank you for your feedback, it helps us better understand your needs to help us build the right things to serve those needs. We are taking on feature request based on community engagement, so encourage everyone you know to upvote or comment on this feature request to raise its awareness. 

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    Hey Gilmourlead!

    This is John with SkySlope. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. I have a few questions to better understand what you are looking for.

    1. Can you think of the most recent time you wanted to put a post-it note on to SkySlope, what would it say?
    2. Are these notes more for your reference or are you trying to inform someone else who comes into the file later?
    3. What are you doing today for note keeping?
  • Gilmourlead
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    1. I literally have a post it ALWAYS on my paper. I have 17 escrows right now and each one has a post it. It generally says what the next step is... ie: Monday send out disclosures for sigs. Or: Request #2 for missing docs. Or: Need Prelim!!!

    2. The notes are just for me. But I am the only one who really goes into the file (other than broker file review). But it can be informative to the agent if they look at the file. 

    3. Today I have to create a Excel spreadsheet template which I print for each escrow. It is a one page summary of the RPA and counters with a list of all the documents required and it has a timeline. I print it each Monday and put a post it about what is happening. One of my annoyances with Skyslope is that there is 8 tabs, yet my spread sheet does it all on 1 page. I glance and I have ALL the info I could ever need. 


    Thanks for reaching out! Hope this helps!

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    Hey Gilmourlead,

    Thank you for responding. It is great to hear your process, it really helps us understand the big picture of how you work.

    So to make sure I understood everything correctly, it sounds like:
    Right now you keep all the file information on a spreadsheet, which includes info about the deal, the client, required docs, and a timeline with relevant due dates. You put post-its on top of the spreadsheet to call out any next steps (do this next, or get this by Monday, etc). The notes are mostly for you because you are the one who primarily works the file, but it is helpful for agents when they see the notes because it gives them a sense of where the file is. Did I get all that right?

    Do you share your timeline with anyone else, or is that only for you as well?

    Interesting call out about the information being spread across different tabs vs being in one location. The header of each tab has information about the property (Address, Escrow #, Dates, Seller, etc) what information do you feel is missing from that area?

  • Gilmourlead
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    Yes, I share the timeline with the agent and the client via Folio. However you can click a button that hides certain stuff from the client (only the agent and I can see), there is also another button to hide from the client and agent (only for my eyes). 

    Yes the rest of it is right. 

    What I feel is missing would be a timeline, phone numbers, other note section. So maybe I have a Request for repairs reducing the price by $3,000. And the task list. 

    I find that I pretty much have to click on Contacts, Commission, Checklist and Tasks constantly. Also each time you go to Digisign, instead of opening a new tab. It redirects this page. So after I have sent something out and want to go back, I have to do a new search for the property address. I feel like I spend a lot of time clicking and doing searches in this platform. Does that make sense?

    I do appreciate all your work and I think you all have a great product here. 

  • Dawn Lofthus
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    I like the "post it" note, as well. I would like something to pop up as a reminder for a particular item. I don't want to always pop into the log to see a comment. It would also be nice, that if the note can be added, if there were a little flag next to the property name in the search function.

  • Prod Squad
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    Thanks for answering all those questions!

    We have a good understanding of some of the challenges you're facing, and will definitely consider a post-it-like feature for notes and tasks in the future. We also see how this could help with toggling back and forth between tabs and pages.

    If you have any additional requests or feature suggestions, you're always welcome to post here.

    Thanks again,

    Carlo, Product Manager

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