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    Prod Squad

    Thanks for all of the feedback, it's much appreciated! Overall I've heard a lot of this feedback before and agree with it.

    1. Currently DigiSign sends all docs pack in one large PDF, and we want to be able to return these as individual documents for download or so you can more easily assign them to the appropriate checklist item.

    2. Got it. Which fields do you think would be most useful? You mentioned BRE, Broker Name, and Phone Number. What do you think about adding the property address as well, so you don't have to type that in every time within the same transaction?

    3. & 4. Understood and I'll see what we can do.


    Jason, DigiSign PM

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    1. Yes, but to view it before having to download it would also be nice. 

    2. So the idea is that we can type in what every we want. Not premade text. I can create any custom field at a moments notice, to work for us. I can shot you over a quick video if you'd like to see what it looks like. That way as people join and leave our team, we can create and delete info at will. Email me if you'd like a 30sec video

    3 & 4 Thanks!

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