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    HI Taylor,

    Buck, VP of Product here.Thank you for taking the time to submit a suggestion!

    There are two ways to "Accept Contract". Via the "Manage Listing" and from the "Checklist" in the file. The "Accept Contract" will not be available until all required items in the checklist are complete. Once this is fulfilled you can convert a listing to a transaction. This is the natural spot to put it since you will get an error from the "Manage Listings" section if you try and "Accept Contract" before all required items are fulfilled. I included a link below for more details.


    I still get your suggestion to put it next to "Withdraw Listing" to make if visible at all times and wanted to make you aware of how the product behaves and why.

  • Taylor
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    Thanks Buck! 

    The issue for me is that I typically do have all the items in a checklist completed but am not ready to Accept a Contract. Down the line when I am ready I use the search function to pull up the property which brings me to the "Listing" page where there is no option to Accept a Contract. Obviously it's only one extra step to then click "Checklist" to get to the page to do it, but every click counts when you have a lot of things going on.

    Hope that makes sense and that I understood what you were trying to express to me as well.

  • Prod Squad
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    It does Taylor and I/we have noted your feature suggestion request. We will be monitoring for yes/up-votes on this post.

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