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Canceled transactions with checklist items that are not reviewed



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    Prod Squad

    Hi Ssadmin,

    Chris here with the SkySlope product team.  Thanks for your feedback.  We're looking at ways to improve the quick audit experience, and this is a good suggestion.  Would something like a toggle to "show/hide" cancelled transactions help with your suggestion?

    Also, since you use Quick Audit, we also have this suggestion and my comment about some near term enhancement that we would love to hear your thoughts on it.  If you like it, give it an upvote.  We use these to help prioritize the feedback from our users.




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    BHHS California Properties HSOA

    Hi Chris, 

    Yes, a toggle on/off button would probably work just fine for canceled transactions in Quick Audit.

    As for the other suggestion (your link above), we do not want our auditors to review their own files, and I can't think of an instance when one of our auditors would need to sign something that they are reviewing in Quick Audit. If I understand that request correctly, I don't believe that would not be something that our brokerage would use. 

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