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    Thank you for the feedback! We are currently working on a new version of DigiSign that will have new features and much improved integration with the rest of SkySlope. If I understand your feedback correctly, if you were able to send out a doc to the both the buyers & sellers, you'd like to see the signing status for each party in the checklist?

    We definitely also want to add the ability to have a signed DigiSign document automatically come back into the checklist, and I think adding in the signing status while out for signing is a great idea.


    Jason, DigiSign PM

  • Gilmourlead
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    Sorry for the miscommunication. No. I was thinking in the Checklist section. Maybe there could be boxes going all the way down the list. For each document you could click, seller signed. Or fully executed. That would be quicker than typing specific notes. I hope that makes better sense.  Or there could be a button for 'out for signatures", if it's been sent out through Digisign.

  • Prod Squad
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    That clarification makes sense, thank you!

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