• Prod Squad
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    Hi Taylor,

    Buck, VP of Product here at SkySlope. Thank you for taking the time to submit a suggestion!

    I can see your frustration as compared to some of the other for fee signing products. We are actively working toward revamping DigiSign overall; however, that new product won't be integrated in the near future. I'll ensure the team sees your input to determine if there are some small changes we can make sooner.

  • Taylor
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    Thanks Buck! I found out about the revamp after this suggestion and I am VERY EXCITED!!!

    Definitely the biggest thing is making forms fillable for the clients in a better way. As I describe in my suggestion, currently if you have something with a TON of checkboxes, it makes the client click "next" through every single one even if it doesn't apply to them.


    Thanks again for the reply - I look forward to the updates.

  • Dana Santerre
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    Agree! We can't send out any disclosures to be Digisigned for this same exact reason. This gets clients frustrated that there is still a document that they have to manually fill out and scan back to us.

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