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    Hi Keri,

    Chris from the SkySlope product team here.  Did the reply above answer your question regarding your checklist comment?  

    Also, thanks for the feedback on Tasks.  We're looking into ways to make Tasks more useful and easier to use, and this feedback helps.



    Senior Product Manager

  • Gilmourlead
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    Keri, you have to create a new checklist list EACH time you start a new transaction?

    Our Checklist auto-populates, when we start a new transaction. We don't have to copy it or create new ones each time. I wonder if that's a broker thing...

  • Meg Szanajda-HomeStarr Realty
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    We use skyslope as a company.  Our agents do not use it as individuals to take care of their deals we upload and create transactions and manage all files.
    Our task lists can have many many reminders throughout the course of each file depending on if it is a buyer or a seller or for area if in the city or the suburbs.
    Creating a task list is very hard because you need to set it up completely independently of what you may have already.
    Basically been asking about this for the entire run of our subscription.  Have asked many of my reps about it as well.
    Why Can't we copy a task list.  Why can't we sort within a task list.
    This system is NOT user friendly....


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