Add "SkySlope" email to agent list


  • Prod Squad
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    HI Scott,

    Buck, VP of Product here.Thank you for taking the time to submit a suggestion!

    Are you set up as an office admin? If you are you can go into the admin settings you will find a "Manage Agents" tab that includes the Agent name, Email, status, type, etc.

    Hopefully this helps.

  • Scott Hack
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    Hey Buck, unless I am missing something, that tab has the agent's name, email, etc... but it doesn't include the SkySlope email for the agent.  Sure I could send the document to his normal email, but I wanted to email it directly to his working documents folder ( the transaction didn't exist yet. )

    As an example, this agent's SkySlope email was -- but without a directory showing me that, I would be making an assumption for each agent if that were the right address.

  • Prod Squad
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    Got it. There is no central place for this. The decoder is unless there is a duplicate then it would be, then, etc.

    An option resolve that satisfies most situations is to take the agent roster and use excel to combine the columns and add to each row. Hope this helps!


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