• Tyler Smith
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    This is a great idea and something we have on our roadmap. The goal is to have any type of listing or transaction with one to many fields that are custom. 


    When we have a date I will make sure you are included and will also add you to the progress. 

  • Tera Jensen
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    Our office just ran into the same issue today.  Please get us a Manage Referral tab in skyslope with limited fields that have relevance, because we won't have the information prior to sending out a referral.  This would be so beneficial.  Thank you

  • Blwoods
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    I agree with Kirsten and Tera.  This would be a huge benefit.  

    We also do property management.  It would be awesome to be able to maintain all of our management agreements in Skyslope as well...but these are not "transaction" files with a closing date.  These stay ongoing.  

  • Marjan Polek
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    I'm also looking for a Referral Tab rather than creating a new Transaction. We want to be able to track No Closing Checks such as from a Referral Fee. I see from this thread that this has been an on going question for over 10 months, can you give us an idea of when you will have some kind of a solution.

  • Andrea Saavedra
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    I write up Buyer Representation and charge a Service Fee, sometimes they don't buy but I got to keep record of the fee and documents.  Has this been created yet?  If not, please take this as an enhancement requirements.  Thank you!

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