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Assign a Completed Digisign Document Directly to the Checklist from Within Digisign



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    ProdSquad (SkySlope Support)


    Buck, VP of Product here at SkySlope. Thank you for taking the time to submit a suggestion!

    That is a great idea but I also wonder how many agents prefer to review the documents before automatically assigning to the checklist. I understand the underlying problem of having to do an additional step and will route this to my DigiSign team for consideration.

    So you know, one enhancement that may help is the ability to assign documents to the checklist from the documents tab. We are nearing completion and are planning to launch this month. This doesn't solve the issue you mention but may help prompt or remind the agent when they are on the document tab.

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    Hi Buck, 

    Thanks for your response! I agree that many people would want to review the final document before assigning it to the checklist. Maybe if it was an option, but not a mandatory one, then people could decide whether they would like to review or send it straight to the checklist.

    I am looking forward to getting the assign function in the documents tab! Thanks for hearing that feedback and working on it.  

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