• Prod Squad
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    Hi Ryan,

    Buck, VP of Product here at SkySlope. Thank you for taking the time to submit a suggestion!

    We are reviewing 2-Factor Authentication as a feature to add this year to SkySlope. Can you provide more information on what type of control you would expect? For example, turning it on or off at an account or role level.

    What types of documents in DigiSign would you want to have 2-Factor Authentication?

  • Ryan Means
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    We would like to have the ability to force agents to use it. We started forcing MFA on our email system last year and it has been great for us! 

    As for DigiSign, it would be nice to have the ability for the agent to turn on or off 2-Factor for their clients to be able to sign. It is a nice security feature to be sure the correct person is actually signing a document.

  • Prod Squad
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    Thank you for the additional clarification. We will take your feedback into consideration as we plan this out further. 


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