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switching offices



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    We also have an issue with this.  The old branch still needs access to the files that closed while the agent was at their branch.   All files opened under the new branch are fine.  But the old files should stay with the old branch and/or at least be accessible.

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    Files created an\d/or closed should remain assigned to the office where created/closed.

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    Kristina Finlayson

    Hi there Kellie, Joe, and Mandy! 

    Kris here from the SkySlope UX Team. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. 

    Let me use a scenario to ensure I am understanding you correctly.
    If Allie Agent moves from Office A to Office B then: 

    • Office B should not show any listings or transactions that were created in Office A, even if they are active at the time of that agent transferring to the new office. 
    • Reporting from Office B should also not reflect any listings transactions that were created in Office A. That should stay with Office A's reporting/metrics and not affect Office Bs numbers. 
    • Office A should still have access to Allie's former transactions (and documentation) but Office B shouldn't. 

    LMK if I misrepresented anything above or if there are any exceptions I should know about.

    Just out of curiosity, how often do agents change offices? 

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you,

    UX Lead

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