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Listing Summary should generate, like the Transaction Summary



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    Sandie Bryant

    Yes!!  I want this feature.

    I am searching around to find a Listing Summary sheet.  It is essential to our transition from paper to SkySlope.

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    Danna Gibson

    I absolutely agree: we're trying to go paperless, but if there's on piece of paper you want on hand it's a quick summary of the parties to the listing (not just the transaction), and the basics of the listing. I save photos of the transaction Summary onto my phone so that I can easily access the basics no matter where I am. 

    Asap, Please! 


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    Alison Cheh

    I also agree with the need for this. 

    It should be a simple function for SkySlope to implement. 

    Did SkySlope ever answer this post? It doesn't seem like they have responded. 

    This is a definite need, SkySlope.  Could someone please respond on how this issue can be resolved?


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