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    Hello Eric,

    Thank you for your feedback. We are evaluating different options on how to implement this. Likely it will be a broker configuration vs. turned on at the agent level. We are also reviewing text vs. e-mail as the second factor and what would trigger it. Any additional thoughts on what you'd expect to see from a solution are welcome. Additionally, if you'd be interested to be one of our first pilots when we start rolling this out.


    -Buck, VP of Product

  • Tyler Smith
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    This is planned but we don't have an ETA yet.  We have some other security items we are currently working on. I will add you to the list to notify when this is planned and scheduled for release but it is something we have on the roadmap. 

  • Eric Weichmann
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    Is there any update to this feature request? 2-factor authentication has become a standard for most major services now and I believe it is imperative to implement this sooner rather than later, due to the sensitive nature of the data stored in SkySlope's service. Thank you!

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