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Feature suggestion page should be searchable



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    Tyler Smith

    Yep - Noted and will get the team to look at this. We use a 3rd party tool to manage this but I think this works. 


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    BHHS California Properties HSOA

    It would also be great if there was a button to "Return to Admin/Broker Feature Requests" or "Return to Agent Feature Requests"... so that now, after I have upvoted and commented I can go back to the page I want to continue "up-voting" other requests...

    I know this is a 3rd party tool, and fixing this page is probably minor compared to other requests that will help with our daily productivity, but I think this just underscores the need for someone to really analyze how many clicks it takes to accomplish things in SkySlope.  I found that, generally speaking, there are lots of places in SkySlope where I have to "click" multiple times when it shouldn't be necessary. I love SkySlope, but you have lots of room for improvement in this area (IMO). :) 

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