• Tyler Smith
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    Thanks Mandy - This actually is something I think would help with educating the agent. Added and will come back to you with some ideas on what we think. 

  • Erin Van Curen
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    I agree with Mandy. Agents in our office click this all the time by accident and then call us asking why their listing has disappeared. While we DO try to educate our agents, with over 900 agents and continuously added more new agents, it is a losing battle to try and educate them on how the system works. If there were a confirmation button that would draw their attention to this, it would truly cut down on all the extra calls and confusion. 

  • Prod Squad
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    Hello Mandy and Erin,

    I discussed some options with our UX team and they suggested the following. We understand the issue and will look for more yes/up-votes on this feature suggestion. Thank you for submitting it!

    • Add more information to the modal so agents know what they are about to do 
    • Navigate to their new file they just created 
    • Let them undo that action so it's less permanent if it is on accident
    • Add a confirmation step to ensure they want to convert the listing to a trans 

    -Buck, VP of Product at SkySlope

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