• Taylor
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    I agree with all three of these points but especially items 2. and 3. Shouldn't be too hard to at least on the back end allow us to send you all what we want for the instructions. And the address should automatically populate to the office address with the ability to change it if wanted.

  • Kristina Finlayson
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    Hi there Brandi,

    Kris here from the SkySlope UX Team.

    Great suggestions regarding our CDA feature! I have written these down for our product team to reference when we start exploring how to improve commissions and/or our CDA functionality within SkySlope. 

    Would you be interested in us reaching out to you for additional feedback at a later date? 

    Thanks a bunch, 


  • John Karadsheh
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    Yes to all 3 of these!  It's been 3 years since the original post, and it hasn't been implemented yet.

  • Christine Hernandez
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    I agree with all suggestions including adding the Broker logo.

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