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    Hello everyone!

    Eric, one of the Product Manager's at SkySlope, here! Thanks for taking the time to submit this suggestion. I understand the request as logging the content and metadata of emails sent through DigiSign in the log for the listing/transaction. This is a great suggestion that I'll bring up with our team here.


    Eric M., Product Manager

  • Heather Austin
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    1. When sending an email for documents to be signed in Digisign, can the email be copied into the file log as well?
  • Kristine Weidner
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    This would be great benefit. 

  • Kristine Weidner
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    Please add this feature so that digisign emails are in the log.  Maybe BCC the file when the client gets the email to sign.  There are often important messages in the digisign instructions that should be part of the file log.   Thank you!

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