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    Thanks for the feedback and I agree this would be a great addition. We're starting to look into this area and have a few ideas. From your posts I see the need for a timeline for the transaction, a place to e-sign documents, and a filing cabinet for all the documents. Are there any other ideas for what you'd like to see in a client portal? 

    Thanks - Jason SkySlope PM

  • Justin Capizzi
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    I agree, there are so many other client portals for other industries, but none, that i have found, for Real Estate Transactions. Floify for mortgage professionals for example. (although that need some help as well.

  • Gilmourlead
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    Brivity has a client portal. Here is a link to a view. Scroll down to The Client/Collaborator Portal. 


    Hope this helps!

  • Dominique Bandet
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    Any updates on this? I see from previous posts this has been requested over 2 years ago. 

    This a must have for our clients. See the above comment from Gilmourlead. Brivity has had this feature for many years. Updated link.


  • Pravin agent
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    Hi Dominique,

    Thanks for reaching out! I would love to schedule some time over with you and talk about Consumer Portal and what Brivity offers. I would be very interested to hear what features you feel are absolutely needed within the consumer and how exactly you plan on using this type of new tool! 

    Please feel free to contact me at pconda@skyslope.com to discuss this issue further.



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