• Tyler Smith
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    This is planned, keep the upvotes coming and any type of features you think would be helpful with folders. 

  • Michelle Smith
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    I agree!  I have asked this before.  You are able to create Folder in Working Docs so I think it should be available in the Documents tab.

  • Kellieide
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    This would be a great help!  Right now, we have to use the 'trash' folder which is not really a correct label but there is no other option  because the 'Admin' folder cannot be viewed by the agent.

  • Danielle Goodman
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    Absolutely. I think I made the same exact suggestion a year ago....still waiting.  I NEED desperately to be able to add my OWN folders in the document tab. All we have is MAIN DOCUMENTS and TRASH.... not convenient at all when you have multiple offers on one property and cannot separate anything. 

  • Andrea Morris
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    I definitely Agree! Being able to create our own folders would allow us to much more organized. We like to add copies of our marketing flyers, adds, postcards, etc... to our files. They are not trash, but they are also not needed in the bulk of the emails. Other situations are if we have unaccepted offers we want in the file, but also do not always need them front and center in our documents...Having the ability to create our own folders. would allow transaction management people to keep organized


  • Jessica Hurley
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    When is this coming?  I have agents asking and it sounds like it has been in thoughts for a year?

    This would be a great update!

    I have a similar issue as the original post an agent that has a lot of transactions but gets overwhelmed when trying to find specific files ...I've tried getting her to create a new habit of saving the documents using a format that will allow them to be able to be sorted in the meantime but this is a challenge.


  • Marcus Wondracek
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    I agree....this should be an easy feature update honestly! And it's so needed in an agents daily work life. My agents complain of not being able to keep their docs organized...some of them create folders on their laptop so they can add layers of folders....that's defeats the purpose of having transaction management in the cloud....when is this feature happening please?

  • Scott Hack
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    Checking to see where this is on the roadmap.

  • Matt Johnson
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    I want to echo the need to be able to create folders within the documents section.  I use DigiSign to send all of my document emails and for electronic signatures.  Some are specific to Seller docs, some buyer docs, some test outcomes, etc.  The list of documents can be very long.  This is especially true with the way DigiSign renames with spacing (I can't identify them as I normally would).

  • Lisa Perri
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    Geez, this request has been in the pipeline for 2 years! Here's another agent asking for that feature.

  • Nicole Milstead
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    It would be fantastic to have the ability to create folders in the property specific Documents Tab. The amount of documents in the tab can be overwhelming with the documents in process. Skyslope, please - create this ability! 

  • Anne Marie Reggie
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    Ridiculous this has not been added yet. I have similar posts on this topic that are over 3 years old! This cannot be a difficult programming option for them. Their competitor, DocuSign Rooms,offers this ability. We need to get this issue front and center. I have asked our brokers who actually have the contract with SS to step in. I suggest you all do the same too. Ridiculous.


  • Bill Sargeson
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    Brand new to Skyslope and my most recent listing received 14 offers and Dotloop and even Zipforms allows you to create folders to keep everything organized(each offer goes into it's own folder).  I can't understand why Skyslope doesn't have a folder option.  How are agents handling all the documents with multiple offers?  I can't imagine just dumping them all in one big file.

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