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SkySlope Unique Transaction ID




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    Tyler Smith

    Thank you for submitting this suggestion, below I wanted to follow up on all 3 items you mentioned with some additional questions. 

    Please add the SkySlope Transaction ID to the following locations:

    1.  Property File Transaction tab header - I am assuming that you use this often for reference on multiple sections when you are in a transaction. Can you provide us with examples? 

    2.  Transaction Summary report - I believe this currently exist within SkySlope. You mentioned "Transaction ID" and we have a field called "File ID". If this is what you are referencing, this is in the Transaction Summary. If you are referencing a different ID, please let me know.

    3.  Make it searchable from the various search options - We have a meeting next year on how to optimize our search completely so that we cover this use case with several others that brokerages have mentioned. We won't have an update on timing until the beginning of next year. 

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    Les Sease

    Thanks for the quick response.

    1.  Seemed like the header was the most visible spot.  Would not necessarily need to be on every screen.  The SkySlope Transaction ID just isn't on any screen.  Mostly need the SkySlope Transaction ID to put into other systems to cross reference with SkySlope.  For instance need to put the SkySlope Transaction ID into Profit Power.  It would also act as a check as to the right property file in SkySlope.

    2.  We're already using File ID to reference the Profit Power transaction ID since the File ID is already searchable.

    3,  Ok.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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