File Management vs. Document Repository


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    Hi Marianne, Sarah and Nicole, 

    Kris here from the SkySlope User Experience team. Thanks for these great suggestions!

    1. View status of docs that are partially filled out or docs that are out for signatures within the file.
      This is something we are actually exploring now. If you would be interested in providing feedback on the initial product designs, please let me know. 
    2. An easier way to navigate from one transaction or listing to the next.
      Would you prefer that listings and transactions are on the same page? 
    3. More control over where you land once you jump into a file.
      Where would you prefer to land when you click on a file?

    Thanks again for your feedback,



  • Sarah
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    I would also LOVE to be able to toggle or scroll through listings and transactions. As I am moving into a TC role this would be very helpful!

  • Nicole Torcellini
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    I agree...I am in and out of a transactions constantly!! and having to always go back to the main page is time consuming and annoying...there are SO many features missing from this program that truly make it a file "management" program...

  • Marianne Villani
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    Well after several days of trying to figure out how to answer you Kris.  YES I would be interested in helping.  This is a MESS and needs to be fixed...


    Marianne Villani

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