Cancel a Transaction from within the transaction itself


  • Tyler Smith
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    This is currently being worked on and should be done in January at latest. Here is where we are planning on putting the cancel button within the transaction.

    If you have any further feedback or questions let us know. We are excited to get this released as it has been something alot of you have been asking for. 

  • Magar
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    Especially because the "Search" up in the right-hand-corner is more convenient than going to "Manage Transactions" first, then using "that" Search function. [Because the "Search" in the right-hand-corner takes you directly into the file.]

  • Chris Matoushek
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    Yes!!! I've said this again and again! Pretty please! 

  • Jen Cruikshank
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    Yes please!

  • Tammi Dockside
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    Agreed!!!  100%

  • Kate Palefsky
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    Came here just to request the ability to cancel a transaction while directly inside the transaction. Perhaps within the first tab (Transaction info), next to the Escrow Now Closed button, there could be one that say, "Cancel Transaction."

    Currently it is a bit of a hunt to find the little Cancel button and the Manage Transactions search bar doesn't always find the transaction - for example if the address is 1234 Main St and I type "1234" it will show up in the drop-down, however if I type "1234 " (Space bar) or "1234 Ma" or "1234 Main", try to complete the address if I didn't see it pop up right away... the transaction does NOT always appear in the drop-down.

    Thank you!

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