• Mickey Barzee
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    I would also like to see the MLS# at the top of the check lists. 
    Also, is there a way to make the MLS# a requirement? It it is not required, my agents won't enter it at all. This causes some problems with our back office operations. 



  • Magar
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    I agree with this, and I'd like to see MLS# as a way to "Search" the file (upper-right corner) and display within all of the "Manage" sections, Cancelled, Archives, etc. (It's a unique number, so if you have the same address, but can see the MLS# easily [without having to click into the file], you know which file you need.)

  • Tammi Dockside
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    Agreed!  And WHY can't we search a property in the top right search box by MLS number??

  • Veronica Gillcrist
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    Yes it should be on all pages so we don't have to go back to the Transaction page. Thank you!

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