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    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out - this is excellent feedback! I certainly understand how it could be more convenient to have the ability to view and download signed documents from within the returned envelope email. I have documented your feedback and reached out to the appropriate Product Manager regarding this feature request. We will continue to monitor this post for comments and upvotes.

    Kindest regards,

    Kasey, Product Operations

  • Taylor
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    Yes agreed! Dotloop does this and I love it.

  • James Wilson
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    100%. Docusign also does this.  Some agents  (on the other side of the transaction) refuse to click on a link to view the document (and honestly I am one of those agents too when someone sends me documents in a link).  If it is a hassle to forward to my clients then sometimes that offer/agent are too much of a hassle when we have 10 other options to work with.  In this competitive market we have to make it easy for the other agents to have a chance at winning an offer.  And it isn't always convenient to log in to the system to then send to the other agent (or you grab the wring file and miss a timeline).

  • Equity Summit Group
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    Agreed this is a must feature in our current world of phishing scams and fraud

  • Main Street Realtors
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    Yes, this is a must-have. DocuSign does a great job with this feature. 


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