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Reports of activity by agent

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    Tyler smith

    Hi Carolyn and also Mark - Tyler Smith, CEO of SkySlope here. What are all the types of reports you would like to see? I have down agent productivity, however I bet there are more you would find helpful. 

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    I agree.  The reporting in Skyslope is a bit clunky.  I always have to pull a master data report and spend time manipulating the spreadsheet to find the information I need.  There should be an easier way to pull individual agent reports so that I can better help them keep on track for their personal goals throughout the year.  The iPad app pulls individual agent stats, but the online version doesn't seem to offer access to the same information?  

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    Thanks Tyler - the agent productivity is primarily what I would be interested in.  We use that in quarterly reviews and end of year for awards/rewards. So, it takes a lot of time to compile from the master data report as it is now.

    Having access to a report that shows overall active listings and pending transactions would be helpful too.  There is currently a Listing Report and Pending Report option, but I'm not sure what that is telling me.  It is probably just me not understanding how to use it.  The report never seems to match actual active listings or pending transactions.  So, I just start with the master data report to figure that out too.

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    I agree - this would be awesome.  The reports don't need to go in to as much detail as the master data report, but just the basics to provide to management on a weekly (or whatever) basis that shows:

    Listings - Property Address, list price, commission, agent, expiration date

    Transactions - Property Address, purchase price, commission, agent, expected COE date

    There are actually many reasons to access this info, including audits (both by a regulatory body as well as internal use) and M&A conversations to name a few. 

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    ProdSquad (SkySlope Support)

    Hi Kesha! 

    Kris here from the SkySlope User Experience team. Thanks for the additional context on your reporting needs. From what I understand you want smaller, more focused, reports that you can download more frequently. 

    A few follow-up questions for you: 

    • For the listings report are you referring to Active Listings? 
    • Same for Transactions - are you only looking for Pending Transactions? 
    • Just out of curiosity, would you be interested in these reports being generated and sent to you automatically via email at weekly (or whatever) basis? 

    Thanks a bunch,

    Kris - Lead User Experience Designer

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