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Creating folders within transactions or listings



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    Prod Squad

    Hi there,

    Thank you for commenting on this post, it helps our teams understand that there is a demand for this issue to be escalated, and it has definitely been demonstrated through this forum that the need for this feature is growing. I can certainly understand the sentiment and we will do our best to see that this request is prioritized. 

    Would it be alright if someone from our Product Team reaches out to you directly if they have additional questions or need further feedback?

    Thank you!

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    This would be very helpful!

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    Dennis Cordero

    Would like the ability to create folders within the transaction documents tab so we can organize our documents. ie: listings, pending files etc.


    Right now, its very difficult finding a specific document because everything is bunched together and the full name of the document is not always visible.

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    Danielle Goodman

    I definitely Agree! Being able to create our own folders would allow us to be much more organized and save SOOO much time and headaches. We have copies of our marketing flyers, ads, postcards, our files. They are not trash, but they are also not needed in the bulk of the "Main Documents" Folder. Also multiple or unaccepted offers we need in the file, but also do want in our main documents. And YES! completely agree on the full name of the document NOT being visible issue.. that and the fact that when you open the file.. its named something completely different. SO frustrating.   I have counted over a dozen different "Feature Suggestion" for this particular folder topic.. and all the same fluff that its on their radar and to keep the "UP VOTES" coming. Well add this to your tally... hopefully it will hit the magic number at some point. 

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