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I wish there was a button to print the checklist




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    Prod Squad

    Hi Ksbjblakely & J.R. Rouse,

    Thank you so much for the feature suggestion! I have a few follow-up questions for you:

    • Besides notifying agents of missing items with a printed checklist, are there other instances where you would find printing the checklist useful?
    • When you print the checklist currently, is there any information that is missing that you would find helpful?
    • When you print the checklist currently, is there anything else you are specifically hoping to be different? Colors, spacing, smaller text, larger text?

    Any other details you can provide would be very helpful, thank you!

    - Megan Lutes, Product Manager

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    J.R. Rouse

    I just chatted with Support on this very request.  I find it hard to believe that the request above was made 4 years ago, with no response....


    Can a print function be added to the Checklist please.

    Thanks J.R. Rouse

    Vice President/Managing Officer Monterey County

    Intero Real Estate Services- A Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate | 831-277-3464 

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