• Michael R. (SkySlope Support)
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    1. When emailing allowing template emails to be selected  (allow a library of template emails to be created)
    2. Digisign – allow access to the template emails from skyslope
  • Shami S. Sandhu
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    I agree. If part of the program allows for templates why doesn't the other part.  We have several people that send the same email about 10x per day from the documents tab. 

  • Tiffany Hamilton
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    I agree

  • Amanda Jones
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    Agree. Is there any timeline for when something like this would be addressed?

  • Stephen Ray Thomas
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    Any updates on this?

  • Suzanne Hanning
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    Email templates would be very helpful and a feature that should not be hard to implement considering you have task templates and DigiSign templates.  

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