• Carol Hennessy
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    I am an office administrator for Alain Pinel Realtors.  Our office would like to see this suggestion made possible as soon as you are able.  Thank you.

  • Tina Peters
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    This is a valuable idea and something that we need soon if possible.

  • Larry Fretto
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    Normally in Silicon Valley RE, the sellers disclosures, prelim and inspection reports are PART of the listing file at the time the property goes on MLS.  They are there for prospective buyers to review.  It appears that SkySlope has no provisions in it's listing file for accomodating any disclosures or reports, let alone a place for buyers to view them.  Listing agents here are accustomed to being able to easily share disclosure documents AND to view a log of which documents were viewed and by who.  There is normally 1 pdf called "Sellers' Disclosure Signature pages" that will contain all required seller docs and the NHDS and the front page of inspections & prelim.  The other 3 or 4 pdfs would be JCP report, Property & Pest inspections, Preliminary Title.  These latter pdfs, once stored in system, would NOT need to be modified after purchase occurs, because the buyer-signed report front pages can be stored separately as such.  Thank you for working on this improvement!

  • Vicky
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    This would be fantastic! My job is to put together disclosure packages for agents. Having this feature in skyslope would be great.

  • Crystle Magami
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    Our office is currently in the process of switching over to SkySlope from Transaction Point. Currently Transaction Point offers us a disclosure link so buyers agents can go in and view our disclosures. In addition to that, it keeps a log of who viewed the disclosures. With the amount of volume our transaction coordinator does, it would be a huge amount of work for them to email out the disclosure to each agent who requests them for each file. Adding this feature would be very helpful.

  • Michael Johnston
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    This is not just a good idea but essential. I am surprised that Skyslope has not already included this feature as most of the other sites have it.

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