Add a "delete" and "rename" button to Documents tab


  • Kayla Loper
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    It would also be helpful for the times that documents are uploaded 2 and three times. Even if it is only an agent or only an admin feature, it would seriously help with clutter in the documents area

  • Calvin Ray Musselman
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    It would make a huge difference to be able to clean things up with a rename or delete option.  Right now it takes way to long to preview file after file to find what you are looking for.  It would also be nice to merge files so that we could open one file to view and entire contract.  Being able to add 1 or more addendum's to the original contact pdf would be awesome.  Imagine scrolling though one PDF to look at an entire contract. 

  • Kayla Loper
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    Please consider adding at least adding a Delete button. There have been times that an agent has sent sales documents to a listing email before converting it and it is very frustrating to continue to have to sift through sales docs when a deal falls through and the Listing is reactivated.

    A really helpful tie in would be a warning or fail safe that lets you know that you can't delete a document that has been assigned to the checklist.

    Even without any bells and whistles, having a Delete button in the docs area would really help cut down on mistakes and headaches.

  • Debi Robertson
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    WOW- new user and not sure what to think....

    There is a lot of things missing in this system that should be obvious... the delete or correction ability is just one.

    Premiere Property Group ~PDX

  • Aly D. (SkySlope Support)
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    We were able to release our latest update for Document Management, which Includes folders within the Document section! This means you can now move duplicate or incorrect documents into the Trash Folder (or to a previously canceled transaction). This will maintain compliance and will continue to have a paper trail, but will help keep your Documents section nice and neat! Read more about that here:

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