• Michael Kraus
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    Hear hear! I'm all for being reminded that something needs to be there before it's allowed to close. But don't grind me to a halt because I don't have it this instant.

  • Aubrey F. (SkySlope Support)
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    Hi Scott,

    Thank you for your feedback, your concerns have definitely been heard, and you can be assured that we are in the process of making major redesigns to our site.  Feedback like this will help guide those changes as we have never intended to make anyone's job less efficient!  Feel free to subscribe to our "What's New" forum for instant updates on progress we are making toward changes to help streamline your SkySloping experience.  Also check out feature suggestions posted by other users and vote on which ones you would like to see implemented.  We have created this software for no one but our subscribers so we want to make sure that the changes we implement are the ones that will help the most of you! 

  • Darci Lambert
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    This comes into play when starting a transaction for our company, we don't know the title(escrow) company or lenders (esp. if listing agent - because it is the buyers choice) at that time and our admins certainly will never know it, so that information is always incorrect... it would be nice not to have to have that information in order to move forward...

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