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  • Prod Squad
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    Hello Everyone! 

    Our Product team is currently looking into this feature, we'll be sure to keep you updated on any progress!

    Thank you,

    Bailey, Product Operations 

  • Rene Kessel
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    If  I could vote 10x I would. I have the same issue when I have a buyer I have to enter my broker and office info EVERY single time. Seriously, help us save time. 

  • Kristin Kreisel
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    Ditto. This is a major time suck and creates a repeated opportunity for errors in our files. I was given a "tip" to recreate an envelope but this is a work around and not helpful to someone in the middle of writing multiple offers. 

  • Luc Woolsey
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    Not only saving the contact info, but adding a client the first time should start a tree underwhich all future transactions for that same client are nested. I should be able to pull up a client and find all the transactions they have ever done with me, and easily create a new one using the contact info I already have for them.

  • Prod Squad
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    We are pleased to report that the ability to save and reuse contacts is now available! Learn more by visiting this link.

    Thanks for the requests, and keep ‘em coming! We’re always listening!

    - Charleigh, Product Operations

  • Tracy Hare
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    It seemed as though the band-aid mentioned above was at least somewhat effective. However, I've been getting complaints from all of my users over the past two weeks that even this is no longer working. I spoke in-person with your dev teams over a year ago and they seemed quite certain this was on the horizon.

    I can't speak for everyone else who uses SkySlope forms, but I most certainly speak for my 200+ users. This should be the number one priority on your work list, and not by just a little. It should make your number two priority pale into insignificance!

    Auto-splitting docs, AI powered whatever whatever...all neat features that should be added to a platform that performs the basics to a near flawless degree.

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