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    Hi Betty and Margaret!

    Tyler from the Product team here at SkySlope. Thank you for the feedback! This is something we are actively thinking about! I will record this feedback and pass it along to the Forms team. I will also monitor this post for additional comments and upvotes. 

    Thank you!

  • Margaret Moschetti
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    Yes this is a very needed update! As well as the ability to copy from skyslope suite to Forms.  It should be all encompassing. Enter the client info 1x either in Forms or transactions/listings and saved to all of skyslope applications. 

  • Prod Squad
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    We are pleased to report that the ability to save and reuse contacts is now available! Learn more by visiting this link.

    Thanks for the requests, and keep ‘em coming! We’re always listening!

    - Charleigh, Product Operations

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