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    Hi Sam!
    Bailey from the Product Team here at SkySlope. Thank you for reaching out and providing us with this feedback! I have some questions for you:

    1. How often do you find yourself having to replace a document in DigiSign? 
    2. What is usually the circumstance around having to replace a document in DigiSign?

    The more information we can gather the better! Thanks again for providing this feedback.

  • Sam Slade
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    Hi Bailey,
    Thanks for checking in!  We frequently (i.e. maybe 1 in 4 envelopes) swap out documents while in the middle of a SkySlope envelope.  
    Examples (real life):  
    1. when preparing listing documents, have just about finished all the Seller entries for initials/signatures on all the documents when you receive an updated version (e.g. client changes a response on the Property Disclosure Statement that you had already completed with them in person OR client changes mind on price, etc.) so must now replace it in the envelope that was ready to be sent.
    1. when preparing a counter offer, you upload Contract received from the other agent, start entries for your client to intial/sign and notice other agent included a personal client document that (only he but) your client shouldn't see.  Need to extract it from your envelope and replace with just the Contract/documents that your client needs to review. 
    Hope this helps?  In DocuSign you could swap out documents and the initials/signatures/etc. entries would remain there.  So much so in fact, that if you replaced a document but perhaps the pages were different (order or number of them) the old entries would still be there even if they no longer matched the document! Still easier to move /delete initial/signature entries vs. entering all from scratch again especially if working with a 20+ page envelope.

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