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  • Recpt1ala
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    Another awesome feature would be to allow us to open a new tab from those files.

  • LaKell L. (SkySlope Support)
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    Hi Talia! 


    Thanks for the feedback, typically leaving a web page that is sorted by multiple pages resets that page and your selection will be set back to its default selection. So in this example - page one, this is typically done intentionally and a change away from this would be a slight step away from the norm but is something we can certainly explore if our users are requesting this feature and is worth some further discussion! 


    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll take this back to our team and see what we can come back with! :) 


  • Windermere Risk Mgmt Sue
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    Yes, this is desperately needed for those of us auditing files.  I typically have anywhere from 75-100 pages of pending transactions and I have to scroll through them one page at a time just to get to that day or week's worth of transactions I need to review. I've had to resort to printing out the pages of files I need to review for that day just to be able to save time because today's files for review may be pages 60-65 out of 100.  I can't be scrolling through 60 pages each time I get done reviewing ONE file on that page just to be able to get to the next file in the list.  Its extremely irritating not to be able to just use a drop down box on the page of transactions (or listings) to jump straight to page 60 each time I'm done reviewing a file to get back to where I was in the list.  

  • Annac
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    YES. PLEASE add the options to choose which page of transactions you would like to skip to in the "Pending" or "Active" lists. I have a brokerage with hundreds of transactions pending, and it would be immensely helpful for this to be a feature, instead of having to click the "next" arrow over and over to get to page 20 out of 40. Just having the option of choosing the page number, exactly like how it is at the bottom of the this Community Feed page.

  • Donna L Niksich
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    I strongly agree this is very much needed.  It would be helpful to have a drop-down button to select which page you want to go to. Thank you. 

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