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    Hey Monica,

    My name is Eugene and I'm the Product Lead for APIs at SkySlope. Thank you for taking the time to inquire about SkySlope’s plans for an integration with Zapier.

    First, let me start by saying this is something we are exploring. Would you mind sharing some of the use cases where a Zapier integration might help? This information helps us better understand how to prioritize potential integration partners. Thank you so much for being a valued partner and I look forward to hearing your response.

    Stay safe,


  • Jonathan Stokes
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    Yes please!!!

  • Monika Mikulionis
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    This would be so great especially seeing that Dotloop has integrated with Zapier

  • Steven Hou
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    Hi, i'd like a Zapier integration because I can do a client intake form, via google forms for example, map the names and addresses to the relevant documents, and another zap to send it out to the clients using their email address provided so that they can seamlessly (from the google form) and immediately get their pre-filled document to sign. 

    No need for me to drag and drop their names and such or enter their info twice. Just have them fill it out, and then get the email to sign. 

    If you can design this, this would be amazing to save so much time! I could do a listing presentation, for example, have them fill out the google form right in front of me, and 5 seconds later have them sign all the necessary documents and be done instantly. 

  • Gianni Lyle
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    Seconded! Thirded! Yesplease!

  • Innovations Processor
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    Is this going to happen? 

  • Christina Opdahl
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    Would really love Zapier integration for my agent retention program. I want to automate my system so I can send cards to our agents after they close deals, as well as create automations in keap for email blasts. Automating this would be great. Besides agents could use data for their own retention programs. Zapier integration would be great for my office.

  • Tiffany Lancaster
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    We use Zapier to automate our transaction work flow. If we can have SkySlope trigger a Zapier automation when ever new data is saved into the Skyslope platform , Ex.. Property Information, Transaction Status, Documents signed, Checklists Complete, Tasks Complete. Perhaps a trigger when a new transaction is created. And then also the opposite, the ability to input property information, change transaction status, mark tasks and check lists as complete and input account information via a Zapier automation. My desired outcome is that our Transaction management/ CRM platform (Sales Force) can fully communicate with Skyslope  so our agents will only have to enter the information in 1 of the 2 platforms and it will be reflected in both. Rather than having to double up all the date entry work by working out of to pieces of software. That is the true purpose of Zapier. 

  • Catherine Worthy
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    I would use zapier to extract data from the transaction input fields to populate my ical and trello boards. Entering the info once would save a lot of time and frustration. Zapier is like the glue that brings things together.

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