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Need files to open in multiple windows when multiple docs are 1 doc



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    Stacey Martin

    Me: How do I open multiple documents into 2 different windows? I am check documents and need to check them against each other?


    Do you open them in the SkySlope PDF viewer? Or do they open in a different program, like Adobe?

    Me: i just click on the paperclip and it opens up through skyslope pdf viewer

    should i be opening them up through adobe?

    Logan: okay, if you open one, you can then right click on the paperclip of the other doc and say 'open in new window' and it should pull the second document in the new window

    Me: I did that but it is not opening anything up

    Logan: it will probably open up a new SkySlope window and then you can go into the checklist and open the document up again, then you'll have two different SkySlope windows open with the different documents, if that makes sense

    Me: no it stays blank

    Logan: okay, can you open up one document and then open up the other like normal?

    tell me once they're both open in the same browser

    Me: yes they open in the skyslope browser but you cant see both documents only one and if you close out 1 they both close out

    Logan: Okay, do they open up in new tabs?

    Me: well how to do i get them to open seperately?

    Logan: I'm trying to explain, but you need to open them both up in different tabs first

    Me: it won't allow me to

    Logan: how do they open? what does it look like?

    Me: can you access my computer to find the solution. i don't know how to explain it?

    Logan: Please go to On the lower left hand side, you should see a file being downloaded called Please click on that and select to run the file. Once it connects, you will see a tool bar in the top center of your browser with a 9 digit code (kind of looks like a phone number). Please let me know what that number is when you see it

    Me: 116-138-476

    Logan: okay, I can see your screen now, lets see

    Me: see they open up in the same document

    Logan: can I try to take mouse control?

    Me: yes

    Logan: Okay, I see, just a moment!

    Me: thx

    Logan: Okay, I just double checked on this for you. Unfortunately, when opening up the documents, you'll have to download them and then open them both up from your computer to have them both open. I'm so sorry for the trouble!!

    Me: so how do we fix this to open up in separate tabs?

    Logan: There isn't a way to do it within SkySlope. You'll have to download the documents and open them both up from your computer, like you are doing now

    Me: wow what a pain how can you guys fix that?

    Logan: I can submit that as a feature suggestion for you!

    I'm sorry for the trouble!

    Me: that would make it easier for file checking. it would create 1 less step since everything is paperless now and you have to view documents side by side or in 2 different monitors

    just a suggestion from a customers point of view

    Logan: Yes, definitely! I will definitely pass it along!

    Me: it looks like it only happens when there are 2 documents uploaded to one file name

    Logan: yeah, it does, if you have only one doc uploaded, it'll open as a new tab

    Me: so who do I need to go to to find out how to get this fixed? I can't ask my agents to upload every document separately. however it doesn't work for us as compliance officers either?

    Logan: The only way would be to download the documents at this time, unfortunately. You can submit a feature suggestion yourself, but that would be our only option at this time

    You can try reaching out to your SkySlope Account manager if you'd like

    Me: ok thanks

    Logan: No problem, I'm sorry again for the trouble!

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    LaKell L. (SkySlope Support)

    Hi Stacey, 


    Thanks so much for taking the time out to make a suggestion! We'll get this added so that our product team can take a look! 

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