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Ability to Merge Documents and Ability to Assign mulitple documents the same area on the cheklist at once



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    LaKell L. (SkySlope Support)

    Hey there, Jessica! 


    WOW! What a great post, we love the feedback! Love your idea of being able to assign your uploaded documents to the checklist directly from the documents tab, that would be very handy indeed! :) 


    Your suggestion to be able to merge documents, just to ensure we're on the same page. Are you looking to take two separate PDF's and merge them into one document? 

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    Hi LaKell,


    I work with Jess. We don't mind about being able to merge or not merge a document so much as we'd like to be able assign multiple documents to one section at a time. For example, if we have to upload 15 different documents regarding the HOA of a condo unit, we'd love to be able to upload all 15 at the same time, not click one at a time and then upload only two at a time. Then we'd like to be able to select all of them at once and assign them to a category rather than assign them one at a time. It can be a very long process otherwise.


    Thank you!!

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