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    Prod Squad

    Hi Handsome Properties Master Account,

    Ryan from Product here at SkySlope

    This seems like a great workflow enhancer. Originally, stages were for those that were actively in the system throughout the day. Typically, emails can clog an inbox so we recommended using the stage filters to monitor for relative stages.

    But for accounting sides, it does make sense since they are typically not in the system all day. Some brokerages have opted to allocate time during the day to check for transactions in the accounting stage and process them during that window. But I do understand your feedback and we will continue to monitor!



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    Handsome Properties Master Account

    This is an incredibly important feature, and seems like it would be pretty simple for Skyslope to implement. Our final stage is an accounting review, but the only way our accountant knows that it needs to be reviewed is for someone to notify the accountant via email. It would be INCREDIBLY HELPFUL if she could get a notification from skyslope when the stage on a transaction is changed.

    Ideally it would be nice be able to choose at what stage you receive a notification, but even just to be able to choose to receive a notification for every time a transaction changes stages would be better than what is offered now.

    The whole premise of having "stages" seems pretty pointless if no one actually gets notified when the stage changes. 

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