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  • Tyler Smith
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    Hi Everyone - Tyler Smith, CEO here. I am taking a look at this with our product team and will get back to you on when you can expect this to happen. This is a great idea and a miss from us to make things easier for you. Stay tuned and I will mark this under review. 

  • Kellieide
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    This would  be a very helpful tool.  We may receive numerous individual documents that have to be renamed (because the documents were scanned, etc).  It would save our team a lot of time if we could rename and then attach from the Documents Tab rather than having to go to the Checklist to attach.   NOTE: Splitting a single document to assign creates a duplicate document in the Documents tab.

  • Amywhite
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    I would love for this to be an additional button. Currently from documents you have to go to split documents then assign them, and then a duplicate document is created.  This gets incredibly confusing / cumbersome when you are dealing with lots of individual documents. 

  • Ben
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    SkySlope, please fix this. It should be at the top of your To-Do list because it's creating unnecessary work for your users.

    Why wasn't the system designed this way in the first place? It doesn't make sense to upload a handful of various documents and then go into the Checklist and try to remember what they were. Which results in either blindly clicking Attach until we've properly connected them all or going back and forth to the Documents tab to see which haven't been assigned.

    If the option to assign/attach a document to it's appropriate checklist folder can only be in one place, that should be in the Documents.

  • Tyler Smith
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    Hello Everyone - I wanted to give you an update of what we have been working on for this specific item. Below is a video you can watch on how we plan on users assigning documents to a checklist from the documents section. We further are allowing you to assign multiple documents if needed. Take a look and let me know if you have any further questions or feedback. 

    The product and development team are currently working on this and we hope to have this in our next release on or before 6 weeks. I will keep you posted on the progress and if that date changes. 


  • Nicole Torcellini
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    need a better splitter feature...doing by numbers is super time consuming and errors occur if you are not scrolled down perfectly on the right page

  • Prod Squad
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    Hi Nicole,

    Kris here from the User Experience team at SkySlope :) Thanks so much for the feedback!

    Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve splitting docs besides using page numbers? Is it just better recognition of what page you are viewing? Open to any and all ideas. 

    I look forward to your response.:)

    Thanks again for your feedback,


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